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(Ep 1) From the Pentagon Papers to the Doomsday Machine feat. Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg is the most iconic whistleblower in US history. 

On our inaugural episode, he joins host Chip Gibbons for an in-depth conversation. On the 50th anniversary of the Pentagon Papers release, Ellsberg explains how the top secret history of the Vietnam War led him to believe the war was not merely a mistake, but a crime. Ellsberg explains what was in the Pentagon Papers, why he chose to release them, and what he hoped to accomplish.

The Pentagon Papers whistleblower also talks about his current work to alert the public to the dangers of nuclear war and how in doing so he may be putting himself yet again in the crosshairs of the Espionage Act. 

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  • I was young in my early twenties (as were some of my friends drafted into the Vietnam war) when I recognized our government officials were lying to us. A few of my friends that survived and came back, were disgusted by what was asked of them. Others deeply depressed and unable to speak about their experience.

    I married twice, both times to Marine Vietnam Vets. The mental anguish both have suffered is too great, to accept anyone from a so called ‘civilized society’ should be subjected to an unjust war. History has verified this over and over.

    I wonder if the greater majority of humans will ever have the ability to evolve beyond tribal psychology?

  • Daniel…one of my favourite men to listen to… I am so glad I found this podcast today…glad I did not miss it.. excellent work

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