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(Ep. 13) Voices of Belmarsh featuring Margaret Kunstler, Srecko Horvat, Chip Gibbons, Jeffrey Sterling, Deborah Hrbek, Nancy Hollander & Mohamed Ould Slahi

When whistleblowers have been tried under the Espionage Act, the US government has successfully barred them telling the jury about what it is they are on trial for exposing. It’s clear the US government is afraid of juries hearing about the realities of drone strikes, mass surveillance, torture, and other abuses of power.

When war crimes are exposed, the government puts the truth teller in jail. The Belmarsh Tribunal, named for the notorious British prison where Julian Assange is being held, puts the real criminals on the docket.

On February 25, 2022,  the latest session of the Belmarsh Tribunal was held in New York City and featured Primary Sources host & DRAD policy director, Chip Gibbons, as well as Margaret Kunstler, Srecko Horvat, Jeffrey Sterling, Deborah Hrbek, Nancy Hollander & Mohamed Ould Slahi as speakers, among others. The event was sponsored by Defending Rights & Dissent, Progressive International, the Courage Foundation, The Intercept, and other organizations.

In this bonus episode of Primary Sources, hear the powerful voices of the Belmarsh Tribunal. To learn more about the Belmarsh Tribunal, visit

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Episode 13